Fire Department

Fire Department

The Mesilla Fire Department was established in 1960 with 12 volunteers and a 1947 Dodge pumper purchased for $450 from White Sands Missile Range.

The Department receives funding from the Town’s general fund, the State Fire Protection Fund and the EMS Fund Act. The Mesilla Fire Department is currently a class 5 on the ISO scale, which directly relates to the funding received from the state.

Today the Mesilla Fire Department is responsible for all fire protection and suppression calls in the Town. The Fire Department runs approx. 100-200 fire calls annually. The station houses a 1994 Pierce Dash custom cab that holds 1000 gallons of water and can pump 1250 gallons a minute. Also housed in the station is a 1986 Grumman rescue/pumper that carries 500 gallons of water and can pump 1000 gallons a minute. The rescue also carries the extrication tools. The fire department currently has a 2004 Ford F550/Artesia brush truck that carries 250 gallons of water and 15 gallons of class foam. This brush truck is also first out for most medical calls. Also in the fleet is a 2005 Ford F550/Fort Garrey Cougar Brush truck. This truck carries 300 gallons of water and 15 gallons of foam. The Fire Department has mutual aid agreements with the Dona Ana County, the City of Las Cruces and NM Division of Forestry for medical and fire suppression response. The Mesilla Fire Department is also responsible for all fire inspections, hydrant testing and fire prevention programs within the town limits.

The Town of Mesilla Fire Department is the first responder for all emergency medical calls. The department is currently an Intermediate Life Support operation, which includes First Responders, Basic and Intermediate Emergency Medical Technicians. The department runs approx. 200 medical calls a year, ranging from simple first aid calls to multiple patient motor vehicle crashes and cardiac emergencies. The MFD also provides Emergency Medical Services coverage to the many special fiestas and events held in the town’s historic plaza. The Fire Department carries Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools and various other extrication devices used to rescue patients trapped in the wrecked vehicle. It is also equipped with a Life Pak 12 cardiac monitor and 2 automatic defibrillators (AED) as well as intravenous fluids and medications to treat various life threatening emergencies.

In an emergency call 9-1-1.  To dispatch a fire unit call Central Dispatch at (575) 526-0795


Town of Mesilla Fire Department Equipment

One station, District 31, housing:

Engine 31 – 1994 Pierce Dash Type I Engine

Rescue 31 – 1986 Grumman Attack Cat Type 5 Engine

Brush 31 – 2004 F550 Ford (Artesia Fire Apparatus) Type 6 Engine

Brush 32 – 2005 F550 Ford (Fort Garrey Apparatus) Type 6 Engine

Command 31 – 2003 Chevrolet Impala equipped for command and EMS response

Response area – 6.2 square miles consisting of residential, commercial, and farm land

3 schools – 1 elementary, 1 middle school, 1 high school

Mutual Aid, Dona Ana County (Fairacres FD, South Valley FD, NMSU FD)

Mutual Aid, City Of Las Cruces (Engine 3, Engine 2)

Mutual Aid, NM Division of Forestry

Average calls annually – approximately 350 to 400

Contact: Fire Chief This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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